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A Mindful Workplace

Mindfulness is a secular meditation practise stemming from Buddhist roots, which works alongside other belief systems. It is a state of being in awareness of the present moment, with a non judgemental attitude, and mindfulness meditation is the practise of going into this state through focusing the mind on a particular object (the environment, body, breath or thought) for a period of time.

The NHS is globally one of the biggest prescribers of mindfulness interventions; with different evidenced based practises available to support those with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. As well as supporting those with existing mental health conditions, Mindfulness is in the NICE guidelines for depression as a way to prevent future relapse in people who have had 3 or more bouts of depression in the past.

Regular practise of supports awareness, helping us not only check in regularly with different aspects of our wellbeing but also our ways of thinking. This self awareness through the strengthening of the prefrontal cortex (the brains observer and watchtower) can help us to become aware of habitual thinking, deal with less useful thoughts in a more productive way, and reduce emotional reactivity. It supports focus and concentration, memory and stress management, making it the perfect way to support your employees by providing opportunities for them to regularly practise with an experienced teacher.

My Introduction to Mindfulness workshop explores the full range of science and intention behind the practise, and is a great way to inspire colleagues to start their mindfulness meditation practise, packed with resources and practical advice on how to begin a self practise.

It’s also a wonderful gateway to regular mindfulness meditation classes with myself. Knowledge is power and by breaking down the science behind mindfulness and its many physiological benefits it will create understanding around the long term value of these practises. It is the perfect addition to any workplace wellness programme.

Regular classes can be hosted online via video conferencing software or in person in socially distanced settings in London zones 1-3.

Let’s get connected today to get your workplace more mindful - email me at


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