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Why go on retreat with a friend?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

When people think about retreats, they often think about withdrawing from the world, isolation, solitude, quiet. Really, when going on retreat, unless attending a silent one such as Vipassana meditation, is all about withdrawing from one world/way of life, and immersing yourself and connecting into another.

Especially on a yoga retreat, there is an opportunity to create connections with likeminded individuals who share an interest around using yoga to manage their physical and mental wellbeing. The word Yoga derives from the work Yoke or union, which can be seen in multiple ways. A union between ourselves and others, a closer connection to ourselves, the unity of body and mind as one, and the connection to the greater universe as a whole. Yoga as a practise is one of non-judgement, and so it creates a space where people from different walks of life but shared interests can come together to gain a deeper understanding of themselves whilst plugging into a new network of people on their wavelength. In the Buddhist tradition this assembling of people is often referred to as the Sangha, or community - the purposeful gathering of people over shared ideals.

When we step onto the mat or cushion, even though yoga is a practise of getting closer to ourselves, in a shared space there's this sense of connection to something greater, the other souls in the room, those we are sharing space with, all brought together in union through a shared interest or love of yoga. Many of us feel its presence in a group setting, almost tangible and pliable, a sense of energy that can be simultaneously uplifting and also grounding. Especially when we move in synchrony in asana.

The act of going on retreat can also be an opportunity to deepen existing connections with existing relationships, whether it be a partner, friend or family member, whoever you choose to come along with. For many of us the last two years have been a time of physical distancing from one another, perhaps we've been separated from friends or families for a time, perhaps big life changes have happened to ourselves or another, which might like an emotional distance has come in too.

A retreat can be a lovely opportunity to reconnect and bring closer together those who we've been apart from. Sometimes that's ourselves but given the events of the last few years it's likely that might be a friend, sister, daughter, or other relative. I have this sense from my community of more interest in returning to in person classes, workshops, after a long period indoors or practising over zoom. I appreciate we are all on our unique timelines in line with our individual circumstances, but I have this sense of people wanting to come together and share physical space, with any necessary precautions in place.

If this sounds like you - we have availability for shared twin rooms on my retreat with Lorna Fisher at the stunning Oxon Hoath in Kent, Friday 25th September - Sunday 27th September. This venue in the glorious Kent countryside, less than an hour from London, is the perfect getaway for yourself or another. The expansive grounds offer a variety of spaces to get outside and explore, along with cosy indoor rooms such as the Library to have some much needed time to catch up and unwind. As well as that, we are including up to 7 classes over the weekend, with delicious vegetarian food in a shared environment to come together as a collective at meal times. At each class time, you will have the choice to practise with either myself or Lorna, with a choice available from something for all levels, and for those with some yoga experience.

We have a selection of comfortable twin and shared rooms available, perfect for if you want to join with a friend or even two!

Prices are per person

Shared Room - £420

Shared Room, En Suite - £440

Twin Room (shared with 1 other) - £440

Twin Room (shared with 1 other), En Suite – from £460

Limited single rooms available - from £500

If you're yet to do a retreat, then Lorna's recent blog on the benefits of going on retreat might give you a bit of an idea as to all the reasons you might like to go.

Rooms are filling up fast, so if you have a particular room preference, you can secure with just a 30% deposit. If you need anymore information, or would like to book, drop me an email now


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