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A picture of a yoga mat in an office building with views over the City of London

40 Minutes - 2 Hours

I have spent a significant part of the last 6 years offering wellbeing classes for businesses. My schedule now means I do not have capacity to take on any new clients for regular corporate classes. I am however, still passionate about brining mindbody techniques from Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness to a variety of audiences, and still offer capacity for holistic wellbeing workshops and speaking events 



I offer a series of informative corporate workshops both in person and virtually. I support a wide range of companies, from International Law firms, Insurance providers and airlines to the NHS and schools

Below are some of my most popular corporate wellbeing workshops which can be delivered virtually or in the workplace. Fully tailored to meet the unique needs of your employees these sessions are a mix of informative and experiential and are a great addition to any employee wellbeing programme 


I additionally offer workshops on

The Art of Self Regulation
Yoga for Better Sleep

Desk Yoga

Posture for Wellbeing
The Art of Relaxation
Rest for Productivity

Spine Health

Breathwork for Stress Management

Making Time for My Wellbeing - Prioritising Wellness Through the Day

I work with a number of wonderful professionals in my network to co-lead wellbeing workshops. Please get in contact directly for more information

For your complete peace of mind I am fully insured, First Aid and Mental Health First Aid trained, and have an enhanced DBS certificate

I am also available for speaking opportunities at conferences, meetings and workshops where there is a health and wellbeing or holistic focus. Please get in contact directly for more information!

Leanne is pictured in a large hotel room with participants of a mat yoga class for a staff wellbeing day


Mindfulness is a state of mental calmness and awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness practises are secular and evidence based and this workshop offers a deep dive into the history and science behind the techniques, as well as experiencing them 


Employees will leave feeling knowledgeable about the benefits of a regular practise and will feel inspired to cultivate a self practise to support their continued wellbeing

45 - 120 Minutes


Coherent Breathing is one of the most well studied breathing practises, it's increasing popularity has led to it being taught to NHS staff across the UK, as well as patients across clinical settings within West London CCG. Research shows it has measurable and consistent benefits over time including reducing blood pressure, lowering symptoms of anxiety, amongst many others, all through the regulation and strengthening of the nervous system


The workshop breaks down the science behind this therapeutic method of breath work, before being guided through a coherent breathing session. This will give participants confidence to practise this method at home and empower them through understanding the science behind the method

40 - 120 Minutes


A deep dive into the latest research regarding screen use we look into the impact of screen time on all areas of our wellbeing. Employees are asked to complete a questionnaire about their use of screens and habits around them so that they get a clear idea of the areas where excessive screen tends to arise


The workshop breaks down the benefits of regular digital detoxing combined with interactive exercises to get employees really thinking about their relationship to technology

Practical tips are work shopped, shared and discussed to help create a variety of strategies to regularly reduce screen time and be more present

60 - 120 Minutes


An informational and experiential workshop to introduce the science of stress to offer a deeper understanding of what is happening on a physiological level when we experience stress


It explores how to build self awareness to spot our own early signs of stress, and develop practical skills through mind-body techniques that can not only manage but improve our resilience to stress in the immediate and long term


60 - 120 Minutes


An informational session to serve as an introduction to building awareness around mental wellbeing in the workplace. From the prevalence of mental health conditions, spotting what a decline in mental health might look like in themselves and their colleagues and practical steps they can take to support the wellbeing of their colleagues


This workshop also explores how participants might better manage their own mental health, and become aware of early signs and symptoms. Along with providing practical mind-body tips to support their mental and physical wellbeing. It does not require prior training as a Mental Health First Aider to attend

45 - 120 Minutes


Thank you so much for your coherent breathing session you did today


It was extremely well received, not just from the wonderful comments after the session, but also from conversations I’ve had with the team since

We also really appreciate you prepping and booking us in with just two days notice

BIG thank you! That was a fantastic workshop


We truly enjoyed it and I have received many positive comments about it

Thanks again for kicking off our wellness week 

Thank you so much for the wonderful mindfulness sessions over the last year.

The team have enjoyed them very much.

Thank you!

Personally I found the session fantastic


Your instructions were really clear and I was surprised, as a beginner, how much of the “extra” stuff I could do!


I did however feel calm, happy and relaxed all evening


Thank you so much



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