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Open Workshop - Mental Health Awareness at Work

I am so pleased to announce that working with Founded Wellness, hosting my Mental Health Awareness at Work workshop online to a wider audience as part of their offering around World Mental Health Day.

The workshop will be hosted on Zoom on Tuesday 19th October, 12.15-1pm, and is open for individual employees as well as employers looking to book spots for them and their team.

This workshop is an introduction to building awareness around mental wellbeing and will cover:

- the prevalence of mental health conditions

- what a decline in mental health might look like in yourself and colleagues

- steps you can take to support the wellbeing of your colleagues

- how to better manage your own mental health, and become aware of early signs and symptoms

- practise of mind-body tips to support mental and physical wellbeing

- extra light on 'Stress' as one of the most common mental health conditions experienced in the workplace

In light of the theme of this year's theme, Mental Health in an Unequal World, Founded Wellness are offering 50% off for those individuals financially impacted by Covid-19.

To book your ticket today for yourself - head over to the Eventbrite page to secure your place! And for all group bookings please email


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