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Pre and Post Natal Yoga - Why Practise with Me?

Are you or someone you know pregnant and looking to try yoga for the first time? Have you recently given birth and are looking for some movement to strengthen your body and to help relieve tension and stress?

Pre Natal Yoga

Maybe you've practised yoga before and are looking for specific advice as to how to keep on practising in group classes. Maybe you're new to yoga and have been recommended to try it by your doctor or other healthcare professional.

Pre Natal or Pregnancy Yoga is just as wide ranging as yoga as a whole. By working with a trained Prenatal Yoga teacher like myself you get the opportunity to have a truly tailored practise that can change as you and your body start to change. A prenatal yoga practise is suitable from 12 weeks, or the start of your second trimester. You might want to practise 1-2-1 with a teacher like myself to:

- Strengthen and support the body in preparation for birth

- Gain control of your pelvic floor

- Cultivate a toolkit of practises to manage your physical and mental wellbeing during pregnancy; from movement, breathwork, meditation and visualisation

- Foster a deeper sense of connection to the process of pregnancy and your baby

- Help to make pregancy as positive a process as possible - we know there will be unique challenges

- Manage energy levels especially as they change throughout pregnancy

- Foster a mind-body connection

- Empower yourself by learning about your body during this time, and being able to gain a greater sense of what it might require at different times

- To build resilience for what will be a time of big change

- Focus more on what the body is capable of at any moment, rather than shying away from activity

- Learn about active birthing positions as well as breathing practises to use during labour to foster a conscious birth

Post Natal Yoga

So you've recently given birth and are working on establishing your new routine. However you give birth we can start working together as soon as you've been signed off by your doctor. Before we begin working together we will have a consultation call and see what your needs from Post Natal yoga are.

Some things you might use yoga practises for as a new parent include:

- Back, neck or shoulder pain from feeding

- Wanting to build strength in a gentle, integrated and holistic way

- To help to build core strength and stability, particularly if working with diastasis recti

- To start or continue a practise that lowers stress and manages mental wellbeing

- To undertake a relaxation practise, like mindfulness, or guided meditation to feel revitalised

- To use breathing practises to help to energise when feeling low on energy, or to calm if feeling stressed or overwhelmed

- To build resilience for what will be a time of big change

- To undertake these practises in the privacy of your own home at a time convenient for you, working around childcare and work commitments

One of the benefits of working with myself is that I am trained in both pre and post natal yoga. It allows you to have the consistency of working with one teacher who gets to really know you, your needs and your body both during and after pregnancy. I have a broad knowledge of many different styles of yoga, breathwork and meditation and teach from a therapeutic and trauma sensitive approach. I have worked with NHS patients as well as in a group class setting in yoga studios and gyms, bringing a really integrated approach into my teaching practises.

Private Pre and Post Natal Yoga sessions with myself can be delivered in the comfort and privacy of your home or outdoor space if you live in South West London; I can travel to you if you live in Wandsworth, Fulham, Putney, Wimbledon, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Chelsea, Clapham, Battersea, Balham, Earlsfield and other surrounding areas. Depending on your preference, the type of yoga you'd like to practise and your experience, we can also have virtual / online yoga sessions via Zoom which means I can teach you wherever you are in the world.

Contact me today via email and we can start discussing your yoga needs

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