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I am a Yoga Therapist and yoga, Mindfulness and breathwork facilitator based in South West London who specialises in delivering wellbeing sessions for community and health organisations, companies, and individuals seeking 121 support in the form of Yoga Therapy or yoga

I originally graduated in 2011 with a BA in Economics and Politics from School of Oriental and African Studies and spent the following years working my way through London's events and hospitality industries. It was in this phase that I became unwell and overworking led my body to complete burn out. While challenging at the time, this process gifted me with realisation that my work-life balance was unsustainable for myself, and so I retrained and moved to full time teaching in 2018

Becoming a yoga teacher has allowed me to build myself a life in greater alignment with my values, share the practises that had helped me find my inner balance with others keen to learn, and build my resilience to the ups and downs of life


I've undertaking trainings in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Pre and Post Natal, Mindfulness and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I've additionally trained with the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance to deliver their Yoga4Health programme


In recent years I have undertaken the 580 hour Yoga Therapy training with The Minded Institute and am now training with them to become an Integrated Yoga Psychotherapist to support those who would like to bring in traditional more traditional talking techniques into their Yoga Therapy to support themselves.


I am primarily a Yoga Therapist, offering private therapy online and in person to those in select South West London locations. I have some very limited capacity to take on new clients, working with those who want to directly support their mental and physical health conditions in a holistic way using the wisdom of yoga to illuminate their inner worlds. I also wear this hat in healthcare settings such as the NHS and CDARS, supporting clients through these services


As a yoga teacher I currently have a limited group of 121 clients who I work with to support general goals of flexibility, stress management and overall wellbeing. I have limited spots to take on more clients both online and in person. I teach a weekly Yin Yoga class at Ikshana Wellbeing in Clapham on Wednesdays and a weekly Yoga for ADHD class at Samsara Mind & Body on Thursdays

I additionally offer one off classes in desk and mat yoga, breathwork, Mindfulness, guided relaxation and more, to businesses supporting their staff wellbeing. This work helps to offer me more capacity to work with more vulnerable groups in community settings



As a meditation teacher I provide workshops and weekly classes on mindfulness and other guided meditations with a secular and therapeutic focus. I also offer guided relaxations for those businesses who recognise the importance of offering colleagues rest



As a wellbeing speaker I deliver various talks and workshops and staff wellbeing sessions to businesses, schools and healthcare settings. I believe that knowledge is powerful, and I aim to simplify and educate people around accessible techniques to improve their wellbeing so that they can be an active participant in a healthy life. I am particularly keen to partner with more settings that are already providing support for others



Whatever mind-body practise you undertake with me it will be infused with mindful awareness of the present moment, with an aim of bringing the nervous system into balance and bringing awareness to the innate connection between mind and body within the self. Whilst I find many area of yoga unboundedly fascinating, I have a particular interest in the influence of breath in our overall wellbeing and in developing skills to self regulate our nervous systems


Following my training with the Yoga In Healthcare Alliance I have continued to work with them, in 2018-19 delivering sessions as part of the clinical evaluation of the programme with Westminster University and West London CCG - of which the full research evaluation can be read here

I am offering weekly chair and mat yoga classes on social prescription within the Lambeth borough, available through referrals through a GP or Social Prescribing Link Worker


I also am a Project Worker in the Health and Wellbeing service of CDARS, offering Yoga Therapy workshops and working with clients on a 121 basis. If you live in the boroughs of Merton, Wandsworth or Richmond you might be able to access their services. Please see their website for more information




South West London; I teach predominantly in the areas surrounding Wandsworth, Clapham, Earlsfield, Southfields, Putney, Barnes, Wimbledon, Hammersmith and Fulham, Chelsea, Notting Hill, Chiswick, Kew and Richmond

For corporate clients have you considered virtual yoga classes to support flexible working? Otherwise if you're in London zones 1-3 we can discuss regular in person classes, or Greater London and the home counties for in person workshops

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